The Importance of Event Marketing


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Sheila McLeod

Marketing Manager

Editions Financial

Editions Event Marketing

How do you embrace event marketing and utilise the power of customer relationships?

Events for financial services professionals can create logistical headaches and inject a sense of fear into any planner’s workload.

Large organisations already run events as a matter of course. But the underlying risk of a regular ‘get-together’ is that they focus too much on the mechanics and not enough on the longer-term value you can extract from a compelling story, beautifully told to a captive audience in a relaxed setting.

The push to digitise and automate the marketing process has great advantages. But to make it work you have to combine the benefits of rich data with something so much more valuable to customer relationships: the power of human interaction.

Seven steps to effective financial services events

Stakeholders are a tough nut to crack when you’re trying to justify such a programme of administrative heavy-lifting to reach out to your clients. But events are absolutely the gold standard of strategic content marketing. An expertly executed event plan can (and should) be hardwired to your wider marketing efforts. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to create a selfsustaining cycle of proprietary thought leadership content that can be strategically surfaced throughout the lifetime of any of your campaigns.

Key events can only ever target the select few. However, the resultant, stand-out content can be campaigned out in a targeted way with significant reach. Not least, this can generate significant ROI from your budget.

Please download the PDF to view Editions’ seven key steps.

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