FSF Event Schedule Apr-July 2018


David Cowan

David Cowan

Managing Director

The Financial Services Forum

Please find enclosed details of The Financial Services Forum’s events, seminars and conferences, through to the end of July 2018.

I hope you can take a few moments to look through and fix dates in your diary. As always, there is a variety of topics and discussions, covering the issues of greatest relevance to strategic financial services marketing.

The sector-specific events relevant to your current industry sector continue to delve into the unique strategic issues they face. All are created to improve your knowledge of industry change and the impact it will have on the sector and its consumers.

And to improve your knowledge of marketing best practice, we continue to deliver “Core Marketing” sessions – events where delegates will receive both tactical and strategic knowledge to enhance their marketing careers.
Members attending any event will debate strategic thought-leadership as well as practical tips on marketing best practice.

As always, please consider attending events outside of your current business sector. There are lessons to be learnt from other sectors of the industry and opportunities to create business relationships with new companies and individuals.

The Forum will continue to deliver a variety of event formats, including webinar sessions. These live events will be available to access using The Forum’s ongoing partnership with BrightTalk, allowing greater access for those based outside of the London area.

Please don’t forget to visit our website for the latest event updates, as well as the fantastic resource offered via the Knowledge Centre. Through The Forum’s events, website and communities, we aim to keep you fully-engaged with the rapidly changing world of financial services marketing. I look forward to seeing you at our events and discussing financial services marketing issues on our website.

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