2019 Key Trends in Financial Services


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Fiona Couper

Fiona Couper

Business Development and Marketing Director


Teamspirit Trends

The financial services sector has never had a more critical role than the one it will play in 2019. Teamspirit anticipates the challenges for the year ahead

Amid the global political uncertainty and international jostling to host fragmenting traditional banking operations, this will be the year when the financial services sector has to take the lead to shape our future.

Despite the challenges, the sector continues to prove its adaptability, with the fintech sector still growing and the UK the investment capital in Europe. Future tech-enabled opportunities such as AI are beginning to materialise, yet highlight that transparency has never been more possible nor more at risk.

2019 is the year when how the financial services sector behaves, from the services it creates to the way it does business, will be under even greater scrutiny. Expectations from investors and consumers have never been higher. As the following trends indicate, it’s because financial services matter so much, to so many, that now it is time to lead by example.

To view the report and the 10 trends, please click the PDF link (top right).

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