When Push Comes to Nudge – Event Summary


Brand Strategy,

Richard Nolan

Operations Director

The Financial Services Forum

Consumer behaviour is not as rational as people might think. So how can marketers understand the consumer when the consumer doesn’t understand the reasons for their own decision-making? Behavioural Economics (BE) can help shine a light on the psychology of decision-making and provide a strong competitive advantage to those who embrace it.

These event summary notes were taken from The Financial Services Forum’s “When Push Comes to Nudge” event in April 2016.  Speakers on the day were Paul Craven, Founder of Paul Craven Partners and Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK.

Our thanks to Caroline Haley of First Quartile, part of FWD, for producing the event summary notes.

To read the event summary notes, please download the PDF version at the top of this page.