Content and its Impact on Engagement and Brand Loyalty – Event Summary


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Jasmine Butler Burnham

Jasmine Butler Burnham

Member Services Executive

The Financial Services Forum

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Over the past two years we have seen content marketing explode into the forefront of every marketing director’s agenda. Content production is certainly one challenge faced by today’s marketers, but ensuring that their audience is engaged with the content offered is another battle entirely. How can you truly utilise your content strategy to drive engagement with consumers and inspire brand loyalty?

Who better to answer this question than Mark Brayton, Content Marketing Director at Barclays. With over 15 years of experience, Mark leads a team of over 120 marketing professionals and oversees branch marketing, colleague engagement and the editorial strategy, as well as holding responsibility for social media and creative content. Mark also co-chairs Barclays UK Marketing Executive Committee.

On Wednesday 11 January over 150 Forum Members tuned in to a webinar with Mark, live from the Barclays building in Canary Wharf, looking to gain insight into how Barclays have made content the foundation of their customer engagement strategy. In an excellent 40-minute presentation Mark did just this, outlining the key areas of transformation that have allowed Barclays to build their content strategy ‘from the inside out’.

Jasmine Butler-Burnham shares a summary of the key points raised during Mark’s webinar presentation. Please download the PDF document to view the full summary.

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