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Pension Freedoms: Event Summary

‘I’ve got a challenge for you. Say something about the recent pension freedoms that hasn’t been said already.’

That was the challenge set by Gregg McClymont, Head of Retirement at Aberdeen ...

Life & Pensions

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What Role Should Social Media Play in your Strategy? Event Summary

In March 2015, the Financial Conduct Authority released its guidance on financial promotions in social media, symbolising the bold new age of financial marketers taking wing on LinkedIn, Twitter and a...

Digital & Direct Marketing

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Global Content Creation and Delivery – Event Summary

In recent years, marketers have come under increasing pressure to create and activate ‘great content’; research or opinion pieces that are both engaging and unique, whilst delivering on business o...

Private Banking and Wealth Management

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Creating a Powerful Verbal Identity – Event Summary

Quirky brands with a distinctly playful tone of voice – examples such as innocent drinks, Apple and Virgin are often cited – seem to be regularly held up as the ‘holy grail’ of verbal identity...

Corporate Communications, Employee Engagement & Communications

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Crisis Management Best Practice – Event Summary

Acknowledgment that crises do and will happen is the first step to mitigating against an arising issue becoming a major problem, as Financial Services Forum members heard at our ‘Crisis Management: ...

Corporate Communications, General Insurance

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Are You Being Digitally Served? Event Summary

With the advent of digital advertising channels does the media buying agency model continue to serve the requirements of advertisers well? Jasmine Butler-Burnham shares her summary of the recent Forum...

Corporate Communications, Digital & Direct Marketing

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