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In Defence of Thought Leadership – Event Summary

The term ‘thought leadership’ has in recent times emerged as a key example of corporate jargon, regularly cited as one of the more insufferable business buzzwords or clichés by media commentators...

Corporate Communications, Digital & Direct Marketing

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Is GDPR Good or Bad for Business? Event Summary

The resounding conclusion from our event on GDPR, is that the new legislation will ultimately be a good thing for businesses in the financial services sector. A surprising conclusion given the impact ...

Digital & Direct Marketing

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Draining the Brand Development Swamp: Event Summary

Why is branding becoming so much more complex? How can it be simplified?

At the FSF panel event on Tuesday 28th November, participants gathered to hear three speakers address the topic of creating ...

Brand Strategy

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FCA Market Study: Event Summary

What does the FCA have in mind for asset managers?

César Ritz is famous not only for the chain of hotels that bears his name but also for his slogan of “le client n'a jamais tort”, which effec...

Asset Management

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MiFID II: Are You Ready? – Event Summary

The new year will see the launch of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). The new regulation will affect not just asset managers’ compliance arms but their entire busine...

Asset Management

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Is Collaboration the Next Frontier for Fintech? Event Summary

It wasn’t all that long ago that fintech companies looked intent on picking fights. Up-and-coming startups vowed their new technology would soon render much of the financial services industry obsole...


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