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Event Summary: Lessons from Challenger Banks

Event summary from 19 October 2018...

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Chatbots and Voice Assistants: Event Summary

In a survey of US marketers, 87% believed that by 2020 chatbots and voice assistants (VA) will have transformed the way customers interact with businesses. While most commercial organisations are busy...

General Insurance

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Business Ethics and the Consumer: Event Summary

Our first event after the summer break looked at the role a well thought-out corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy can play in your brand strategy. As corporate responsibility continues to clim...

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Targeting the Future Customer: Event Summary

Targeting the Future Customer
Tuesday 26 June 2018
Hosted by: Siegel+Gale


Advertising your brand to the customer of tomorrow will be shaped by their media consumption. With an increasin...

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Event Summary: How Many Ps in Brand

There is a chasm between what FS marketing executives think they should be involved in within their brand and what they do in reality. In this round-table discussion, senior marketing executives from ...

Brand Strategy

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Event Summary: Mobile First or Mobile Only

Consumers are increasingly shifting to mobile devices to access e-commerce sites. What are the implications for insurance, banking and the FS sector as a whole? Alex Reidegeld of The Financial Service...

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