The importance of content led PR


Corporate Communications

Natalie Orringe

Group Innovation Director

Teamspirit Group

Content has always been at the heart of PR – it describes everything we create – but what’s changed dramatically is understanding how the content we produce can be leveraged across multiple channels to drive engagement.

This can be incredibly powerful but relies on a cohesive channel neutral approach that begins with audience insight and applies this to define content production and distribution across paid for, earned and owned channels. Thinking in this way means that ultimately PR will contribute far more than coverage and most importantly, make measureable, tangible contribution to any organisation’s commercial objectives. From driving direct uplift in sales through to strengthening stakeholder relationships and reputation, content led PR is transforming the value we can return to any business.”

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Richard Eccleston

Social & Digital Media Manager

Wesleyan Group

Aug 10, 2016

Agree 100%. Content can drive up brand awareness, thought leadership and sales by utilising multiple channels. Giving customers what they need and will actually find useful as content will prove effective in the long term.


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