60 Seconds: Tech and Innovation in Financial Services



Lynsay Haque

Marketing Consultant

The Financial Services Forum

How can technology and innovation deliver tangible benefits for financial services customers?

Our latest 60 Seconds debate is here, and we would love you to take part.

This month we’re discussing technology and innovation. Can it deliver tangible benefits for customers, or are many technology developments simply vanity projects? How can the financial services industry harness the technology opportunity?

We want to know your thoughts for our 60 Seconds feature. In no more than 120 words, please tell us what you think by leaving your comment at the bottom of this page.

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Alun Williams

Commercial Director, Savings

Shawbrook Bank

Sep 9, 2019

Use technology to deliver a fast and consistent process where a human adds nothing to the equation - thus leaving colleagues to focus on the tasks where human involvement are required and/or add value. As to which elements of services and operations that fit within each category, that is not quite so clear cut. Think underwriting, claims management, credit assessments, account monitoring, cyber security - elements can, and should be, automated (perhaps including artificial intelligence) but other aspects should involve a human. No technology can be authentically empathetic (actually or morally). Years ago I used to say that ‘people where the opportunity to delight consumers and create magical moments’. That is still true, BUT if all people are doing is undertaking a standardised process which can be fulfilled by technology, then ‘in that case people become an opportunity for service breakdown/failure’. Automate where possible/appropriate, and have skilled and intelligent people the pick up the situations that don’t fit the standard process. Just one perspective...


Mary Neville

Customer Success Director


Oct 9, 2019

Alun - couldn't agree more, you can establish a rolls royce of a Tech platform, but sadly sometimes people who lead the charge with technology only view don't always maximize the value of their tech investment - and 9 times out of 10 in FS the reason is that they can't influence or navigate around clunky internal processes. So as well as automate where possible/appropriate, I'd add control/add governance where appropriate/possible, and where not appropriate DON'T :)


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