Is social media now as important to FS as it is to consumer brands?


James Sanderson

Teamspirit Group

Social media is now a fundamental part of financial services marketing, creating opportunities for powerful interaction and engagement with target audiences that was never possible before. Financial Services have traditionally been viewed as intimidating institutions with little inclination to engage with customers. But the growth of social media and direct-to-customer marketing channels means FS companies need to act like true consumer brands and reach their customers in a new way. Being straightforward, upfront and honest to their social audience is an important facet of financial services marketing, and should not be ignored as a passing trend.

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David Reilly

Managing Director

lets learn Digital

Nov 25, 2015

Hi James, I don't believe the value of Social Media is in consumer/FS apart from using Twitter for Customer services and PR. I think the real value of Social media is using LinkedIn for building profile and meaningful business connections David


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