Every Asset Manager has a Story to Tell. What’s Yours?


Asset Management, Brand Strategy

Kate Shaw

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Living Group

Engaging financial advisers and intermediaries with great writing.

The growth of digital communication across websites, blogs and social media has handed users immense power: The power to ignore anything that doesn’t catch their imaginations immediately. This reality has encouraged digital communicators to create content that’s more authentic, open and transparent. And more personal.

One of the benefits of this shift towards more personal communication is the growth of great writing – and storytelling – in corporate communications. Telling stories is no longer the preserve of consumer communicators. While we’ve all seen or experienced the use of a dramatic story in a television commercial or customer testimonial, these are essentially broadcast selling mediums. Targeted storytelling that resonates with a specific audience is far more persuasive.

More personal and more persuasive

Storytelling has the power to recreate actual personal experience and empathy in the audience. Kate Shaw, CEO and Co-founder of Living Group says “Every organisation – large or small – has great stories to tell. And if they’re well written they can bring sensitive issues and complex concepts down to earth so that people get a true feeling for their relevance.” A well-crafted story offers a great way to get people on board with new ideas.

Inspire your audience to action

Even in businesses where decisions are made by complex algorithms a great deal of decision-making is still driven by our emotions. It’s why branding is so important. Branding inspires an emotional connection to products and services. Great writing is a powerful way to stimulate those emotions, and inspire people to act. We all like to believe we make our decisions on the basis of logic, but in fact we use data and facts to post-rationalise the decisions our emotions have already helped us to make.

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David Butcher

Managing Director

Communications & Content

Nov 20, 2017

A very succinct and elegant summary of the new world of communications. And I couldn't agree more. What I've always found interesting is that many people in B2B organisations think this isn't for them - assuming that, because they sell to a business, they have to hide behind academic style, jargon heavy technical written pieces. They can forget that they actually sell to and engage with people.


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