Building Your Talent Brand with Content Marketing


Ian Butterworth

Director and Senior Consultant

Lucas Blake

Talent brand is one of the greatest tools a business has for attracting new talent. If you want to engage with potential candidates and promote your business as an attractive place to work, you need to utilise content marketing techniques.

Lucas Blake have created the infographic below using insights from LinkedIn in order to provide actionable advice for using content marketing to build your talent brand. The infographic features advice on how businesses can identify their target audience, guidance on creating content, insights on how and where to share that content as well as tips on how to measure the results of these efforts.


LB Content Marketing Infographic

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Oct 30, 2015

Great idea. I try it. it really perfect. My blog wonderfull


Mark Kershaw

Financial Services Video Account Manager

Spectrecom Films

Oct 22, 2015

Good post and a useful infographic, thanks for sharing!


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