Where To Next For The Super-Aggregators

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Four dominant aggregator brands now spend over £100 million each year driving consumer traffic to their websites. How have the aggregator brands and their advertising propositions evolved over recent years and is there any correlation with consumers? experiences? We look at some fresh research into consumers? likes and dislikes, based on their experience of using multiple aggregator sites. We update a critical review of the market to assess the relative coverage offered by the major aggregators, their degrees of transparency in terms of product features and pricing, and some potential tripwires that could mislead consumers into buying less cover than they want or need, at artificially depressed prices or, perhaps worse, compromise consumers? rights in the event of a claim.

Speakers Include:

Mike Powell, Insight Analyst, Protection & General Insurance, Defaqto

Richard Warren, Joint CEO, DLKW Lowe

Stevan Obradovic, Financial Services Analyst, Mintel Group

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