Innovation in Investment Management: Where do you expect all the great ideas to come from?


With the effects of the pandemic being felt across every organisation, ‘cost cutting’ and ‘increasing efficiency’ have become the new bywords. In times of increased stress innovation often holds the key to success, but where do you expect this to come from?

For publicly quoted asset managers, along with others who have short reporting cycles, forensically looking at last quarter’s results is rarely an environment that encourages longer term investment in innovative solutions that may or may not deliver. 3 year track records, by their very nature, take time to produce. Likewise, new services and new ways of doing things normally require both time and funding. Marketing, with its connections to fund managers, product development and sales, along with a focus on client needs and external influences, has historically been fertile territory for innovation. Do you feel like the beating heart of innovation within your organisation?

In this session we will look to explore where innovation should come from and how you create an environment conducive to new ideas. We’ll look at innovation in product development, in distribution, in communications, in metrics and the role of digitisation in driving change.

“Innovate or die” (Peter Drucker) has never been truer.

Chair: Scott Stevens, Director of Adviser Recruitment & Acquisition, Quilter Financial Planning


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