Predictive Marketing for Financial Services


Every financial institution is facing an explosion in customer data - transactional data, social data, web analytics, app usage and much more. When tracked and analysed, this wealth of information can give new insight and context into the journey of new and existing customers - exposing new opportunities to drive sales or avoid churn. But it won't stop there. Using predictive marketing analytics to retain, convert and service current customers can have a much bigger impact on the business - and on marketing's standing as the steward of customer experience.

We will discuss why financial institutions are investing in predictive marketing, what can be learned from other industries that are ahead of the curve on predictive marketing adoption, and how you can phase-in analytic capabilities to build enduring customer relationships.


Andrew Davis, Co-Founder and CMO, Idio
Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy, EMEA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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