What can Data do to Build Brands?


Is data an ally or enemy of good brand-building?

With new measurements and tools, is there a danger that the classic discipline of brand building will fall by the wayside as more easily quantifiable areas such as performance marketing get prioritised? Can too much data lead to brands with commodified products looking, sounding and feeling the same?

Or can enhanced measurement tools help to quantify brand perception for the first time and derisk the creative process?

In this panel, we will delve into these issues to determine how brand marketers can filter out the noise and embrace the power of data.



Ben Rhodes, Brand Director, Phoenix Group

Jasper Martens, CMO, PensionBee

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional

Colin Bennett, Head of Marketing and Client Experience, GAM Investments

Chair: Alex Sword, Editor, The Financial Services Forum


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