What can B2B Marketing Learn from the B2C World?


Could the financial service industry learn something from consumer brands?

LinkedIn’s latest study emphasises that, on an international level, creative confidence
is growing within the B2B market with B2B brands producing creative campaigns
which were previously only seen within the B2C space (LinkedIn, 2022).

With 69% of marketers agreeing that B2B purchases are just as emotionally driven
as B2C purchases, could now be the time for an industry-wide shift in marketing?
This session will include consumer brands experts, behavioural scientists, and
financial services agencies in order to explore the impact emotive campaigning could
have on improving brand awareness within the B2B space.


Chaired by:

  • Ian Henderson, CEO, AML Group


  • Dr Simon Moore, CEO, Innovationbubble
  • Sarah Christie, Senior Director - Insight, Truth Consulting


Hosted By:

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