Webinar: The Future-Ready CMO – Using Thought Leadership to Advance Your Strategic Agenda

After the great reset of Covid-19, clients want to know what’s next. CEOs and their Boards face an economic and health emergency combined with disruptive megatrends from climate change to transformational technology.

With clients judging your organisation’s capability and innovation on the quality of your thought leadership, do you have what it takes to carve out a leadership position in the next economy?

Have you defined the vision for your organisation and can you clearly see the future you will help your clients to navigate?

In this session we will examine how to develop a credible vision of the next economy, define your firm’s role in it and develop your future thinking to win attention and sales from the C-Suite. Covering:

  • The business case for future thinking:
  • Using future thinking to advance your strategic agenda
  • Tools for developing future thinking
  • Discuss how to engage clients and stakeholders in future thinking


Claire Mason, CEO, Man Bites Dog

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