Webinar: Part 2 – Leading and Embracing Change in an Uncertain World



2020 has reminded us all of the inevitability of change.

It has also highlighted that the two most important skills in the world of business are the ability to lead change and the ability to embrace change.

Leadership today is about helping our people to want to change and giving them the tools, environment, structure, freedom and clarity they need to deliver. Embracing change is the key skill that we all need - at work and in life - for the sake of our mental health, our career and the success of the  companies we work for.

This interactive workshop is the second of a two-part series which will arm you with the tools you, your people and your organisation needs to lead successful and sustainable change. Please note the workshops have a limited capacity so please do register ahead of time.

Workshop 2: Embracing and reacting to change

-          Reflections from workshop 1

-          Enabling our people to embrace change

-          How we react to change

-          Overcoming our barriers to change - the SCARF Model



Campbell Macpherson, Change Strategist & Author

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