Webinar: Improving communication experiences for vulnerable customers in a post-pandemic world


The way financial organisations communicate with vulnerable customers have always been a keen focus for regulators.  In a post-pandemic world, the fair treatment of those who are especially susceptible to harm will be more crucial than ever. Before the pandemic nearly 50% of UK adults displayed one or more of the 4 characteristics of vulnerability set out by the FCA. Now, those who were already vulnerable have found themselves in even more challenging circumstances, and many people have become newly vulnerable in a way they may have never imagined. So how can financial organisations ensure they are communicating effectively and clearly with their increasing numbers of vulnerable customers? This webinar will consider how behavioural science insights and data technologies can be used to deliver personalised, timely and empathetic communications with vulnerable customers.



Ed Knight, Senior Consultant, Cello Signal

Pamela Rose, Founder - Fatigue Coach, Pamela Rose

Jenny Hill, Copywriter & Comms Consultant, Cello Signal

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