Webinar: CMO Surgery – Heroes and Villains


Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning has never been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. This week our CMO Surgery panel of marketing and reputation experts will look at the  actions of brands in response to the crisis, and public perceptions. Everyone is welcome, so grab a coffee and come armed with questions, and help our community to get through this together.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures; brands that have instinctively understood the urgent need to stand together and do everything possible to help at a time of unprecedented national crisis are emerging as the heroes of the day. Supermarkets, food and catering businesses, even luxury brands like LVMH and Formula1 – not the likeliest of contenders – have garnered an extraordinary degree of public approval and goodwill by their actions; others have aroused widespread ire for poorly considered edicts.  This session will consider how brands should behave in times of crisis and delve into the values and purpose behind differing corporate responses. We'll consider the characteristics driving public affection - and whether that can build trust and, ultimately, translate into longer-term consumer loyalty when the pandemic passes.

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James Daly, Managing Director, Fairer Finance
Paul Hibbs, Director of Advertising and Media, Nationwide
Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons
Nuala Walsh, Founder, Mind Equity

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