Webinar: A-Z of Digital Marketing – The Top 10 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Themselves


Over the coming months, we'll be running a bespoke 6-part webinar programme, in partnership with award-winning digital agency Receptional. 

This series of 40-minute webinars will help you to optimise your digital marketing strategy, including giving your SEO an MOT, optimising your website for conversions and turning audience insight into marketing actions.

We'll be covering the fundamentals over the first 3 sessions, then giving Members the chance to vote on what digital channel masterclasses you'd like to see us put on for the final 3. If you haven't already voted on your priorities, you can do so here.

Change is the prevailing facet of life in every business today. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of digital marketing – constantly evolving, and at an ever-accelerating pace.

Some things don’t change however … such as the fundamental questions to which every digital marketer needs robust, objective answers.

First up, we'll be sharing some thinking around 'The 10 Most Important Questions Every Ambitious Marketer Should be Able to Answer'. The main purpose is to help you prepare your marketing strategy, so your're ready for recovery post-pandemic.

There's no secret to these questions - they are:

1. In terms of trust and authority, how does my website compare with those of my competitors?

2. In what ways are the design and build of my website jeopardising its ability to be ranked highly by search engines?

3. What levels of traffic are my competitors enjoying – categorised by source?

4. Which keywords drive the bulk of search traffic in my sector/category?

5. What are the most important keywords targeted by my competitors?

6. What are the most successful tactics my competitors are adopting in order to maximise their share of that available search volume?

7. What are the content topics and formats which generate the highest levels of engagement in my sector/category?

8. What successes are your competitors enjoying with social media marketing that you are not?

9. What is the optimal level and mix of digital marketing spend for my brand across the three key areas of organic, paid and social?

10. Taking account of the above, within six months, what do you estimate my traffic levels to be – split by source – and achieved at what cost?

Dave Clough, Head of Content, Receptional
Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional
Neil Scaife, Strategy Director, Hub

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