Webinar: A-Z of Digital Marketing – How to create a content marketing strategy (that your customers will actually care about)


We’ve all been in those difficult ideas sessions – butting heads, awkward silences, diplomatically rejecting terrible suggestions while internally screaming “get me out of here!” This frustration is often amplified in the finance space where good ideas are particularly hard to come by, what with dry subject matters and all that pesky red-tape. If you've ever thought that there has to be a better way, the answer is Yes. There is.

Receptional's Head of Content Strategy David Clough has developed a series of go-to methods and get-out-of-jail free cards that turn those headache meetings into delightful and productive meetings of great minds. Join him and Lead Creative Phil Vong for a Content Strategy Masterclass revealing tricks of the trade (which, may well see them barred from the Content Marketing Magic Circle).

Historic Content Optimisation: Quick and easy strategies to improve the performance of old content
Content Gap Analysis: Plug gaps in your content based on competitor insights, and fill them
Industry Blog Hijacking: See what the biggest sites in your niche do and take calculated inspiration
Customer-driven Strategies: Create a content strategy that your customers actually care about.

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