Webinar: A-Z of Digital Marketing – 25 Steps to a High Converting Financial Website


Welcome to the third episode in the six-part webinar programme that we've been running in partnership with award-winning digital agency Receptional, aimed at giving marketers practical insights to optimise their digital marketing strategies.

Sessions 1 and 2 covered The Top 10 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask and 10 Ways to Get More Value From Your Budget. For this, the third core module, we'll be looking at how to optimise your website to maximise conversions. The concept of the marketing funnel is nothing new. It’s called a funnel because lots of people start the process, then potential conversions leak out at every step. This webinar will help you understand how to engage your audience, prevent leakage, and turn web visitors into conversions.

For the remaining three webinars in the series members can vote for the digital channel masterclass they'd like us to focus on. If you haven't already voted on your priorities, you can do so here.

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