The Transition to a Green Economy: Addressing Consumer Behaviour


In the proposed climate finance agreement at COP-26, governments and stakeholders outlined that banks, insurers, investors, and other financial firms committed to ensuring that their investment and lending aligns to the net-zero mission.

However, as consumers have become more environmentally aware, many institutions have been subjected to claims of greenwashing.

As traditional and digital banks transition into more environmentally conscious methods and implement new green campaigns, how can companies build credibility with their audience and demonstrate that commitments are genuine? What balance should they strike between ambition and deliverability?

Join The Financial Services Forum as we discuss the transition to green finance, the impact that a more environmentally conscious customer has on the marketeer’s approach, and how to remain creative within the regulatory greenwashing environment.


Jill Waters, Retail Director, NS&I

Eleanor Metcalf, Brand & Marketing Lead, TRED

Madhuban Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Laces

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