The Profitability of Brand in Asset Management



In the 2022 Letter to CEOs, CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink emphasises the importance of having a clear purpose that is consistent in values which in turn leads to stakeholder capitalism.

A form of capitalism that is driven by profitability for employees, customers, supplies, and communities that the company relies on to prosper.

By building a company around purpose and the consumers, firms can incorporate innovation, purpose, and profitability for all stakeholders. In this session, we will look at how asset managers CMO’s can successfully incorporate brand purpose into corporation strategies.

We will ask how brands build around purpose allowing giving back to the communities leading to business prosperity.


Keynote Speaker: Chris West, CEO, Verbal Identity

Ian Henderson, Marketing Communications CEO & Consultant, AML

Courtney Waterman, Head of Creative Marketing, Ninety One

Philippa White, Founder & CEO, The International Exchange

Andy McQuillan, Global Director of Marketing, Legal & General Investment Management

Chaired by Scott Stevens, Establishment Commercial Director,  St James's Place Wealth Management

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