The Integrated Marketing Mix


How do you allocate your marketing budget most effectively? How do you decide whether your advertising is more effective than your sponsorship? Or your PR, or your direct marketing, or your digital media? Leading experts will try to persuade you why one particular discipline deserves more of your marketing budget than another, whilst an industry speaker will explain how they can be used together for an integrated marketing communications mix.

Speakers Include:

Lindley Gooden, Managing Director, Greenscreen (chair)

Oliver Parry, Senior Account Director and Head of Public Affairs, Redleaf Polhill (PR)

Alan Thorpe, Business Development Director, Indicia (Direct and Digital)

Christy Stewart-Smith, Managing Director, The Gate (Advertising)

Gordon Lott, Managing Director, Havas Sports and Entertainment UK (Sponsorship)

David McCann, Group Planning Director, Teamspirit (Integrated)

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