The Future of Primary Banking Relationships

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The traditional 'free in credit' current account banking model is being questioned at last. But fee-based packaged accounts are also being scrutinised by the regulator. The emergence of new banking brands has promise, but has yet to produce any startling differentiation in pricing, service or value. But greater ease of current account switching, as the Payment Council?s system goes live in 2013, is set to invigorate competition further. Add to this, the emergence of new technologies such as mobile, and the greater sophistication of online banking services which all enrich customer experience and aid loyalty - the stage is set for primary banking propositions to be radically overhauled, both to win and retain customers.

Speakers Include:

Simon Mottram, Consulting Director, YouGov

Jens Baumgarten, Managing Partner & Ben Snowman, Director, Simon Kucher & Partners

Followed by a panel discussion:

Mark Mullen, Chief Executive, First Direct

Steve Emecz, Vice President of Business Development, mPowa

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