The Future of Employment in the UK Mortgage Market



There is growing talk of advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning taking over many roles in the UK financial services market – from advisers and underwriters to marketeers, sales, finance, and treasury functions.

The Government’s ONS website already runs a “chatbot” to discuss which occupations are at most risk of being automated!

  • How real is this prospect in the mortgage market?
  • Are there limits to what can be done without human interaction in the whole mortgage process?
  • What are the prospects for future employment in all parts of the mortgage industry?
  • What consequences should we be planning for?


Rameez Zafar, CEO & Co-Founder,

Kate Davies, Executive Director, IMLA

Dan Salmons, Chief Executive Officer, COADJUTE

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive, AMI and AFB

Neil Wyatt, Sales & Marketing Director, Mortgage Brain

Chaired by : 

Stephen Smith, Non- Executive Board Member,

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