The CX Factor: Transformation Programmes

Businesses are waking up to the fact that transformation programmes aren’t doing what it says on the tin. Why and what needs to change?

The traditional CIO / IT-led change programme is missing the point and failing to deliver. Marketing needs to take the lead by putting the customer needs front and centre to deliver the type of growth and efficiencies that the C-suite demands.

To deliver real value (at pace) every area of the business (from marketing, digital, business change through to finance, operations etc etc) needs to realise the value they can contribute to delivering successful change programmes.

Technology, whilst an extremely important component is only one of many, with businesses often forgetting about people/skills capability, processes and the customer.

In this session we consider the strategy that marketing teams need to adapt to deliver real change.


Dominic Traynor, Global Head of Digital Experience, BNY Mellon
Marcus Oughton, Group Director of Digital, Simplyhealth
David Bower, Interim Head of Change, Sanlam


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