The Big Data Date


Everything is data, and data is everything.

With data having become an indispensable part of marketing strategy, how can you ensure that you make the most of your data?

In our data-focused half day, we’ll look at:

  • Data collection
  • Segmentation and data processing
  • The use of prescriptive analytics
  • Navigating data after the abolition of third party cookies


The Sessions:

1- Data Collection

With so much data out in the world, what are the best ways for marketing teams to collect it all? We’ll delve into some of the cutting edge techniques which you can use to gather rich data sets that are oven-ready for marketers to sink their teeth into.

2- Segmentation, Metrics & Processing

You’ve collected your data, now what can you do with it? This session will explore the variety of different ways you can process, segment and measure your data, covering best practice for keeping your data processes simple and effective.

3- Analysing Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics

With the use of prescriptive analytics, you can ensure that your decision-making is led by the data and use it to determine the best course of action for your marketing needs. How can you best use your data to plot the best course of action, and how can you successfully implement prescriptive analytics into your decision-making process?

4- The Post-Cookie Regime

With Google having started the process of removing third-party cookies in January, how are marketers reacting and pivoting their strategies? We’ll be asking marketers how they’ve dealt with the looming “cookiepocalypse” and the innovative methods they’ve been implementing to keep targeting and tracking consumer behaviour.

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