Surfing The Mobile Curve


As technologies constantly change the landscape, society is becoming more engaged with the mobile. From social media, search, shopping and entertainment to ticketing and payments, the mobile is becoming central to our lives. NFC technology has revolutionised payments (contactless) and ticketing (Oyster) and as 90% of new smartphones are NFC enabled, it is now set to change how we can interact with businesses via our mobile. Discover the innovative ways NFC can improve your marketing, acquire new customers and engage them in the mobile space. Increased consumer engagement in the digital space will increase risk, so we also touch on the customer experience from a security perspective.

Speakers Include:

Chris Combemale, Executive Director, Direct Marketing Association (Chair)

Chris Arnold, Creative Director and Founder, Creative Orchestra

Mick Rigby, CEO, Yodel Mobile

Luis Rolim, Marketing Director, Unisys

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