Striking a Chord


Many brands with clearly-defined visual and even verbal identities are strangely silent on the subject of "sonic identity."  But the fact is, there are huge opportunities to express your brand's values through sound.  What music best reflects the brand value that you want to project?  Are you a Mozart piano concerto?  A Viennese waltz? Jazz or Rock & Roll?  When you think 'Virgin' do you think classic of The Clash?

In this session we look at the power of sound and how brands can be recognised, associated and defined by the drumbeat to which they march.  Classic FM's award-winning 'composer in residence' will give some real life examples of the process of creating a brand identity for financial services brands and we will look at some of the great associations between iconic (campaigns) and brands from FS and beyond.

Speakers Include:

Debbie Wiseman, Composer in Residence, Classic FM

Judith Spilsbury, Head of Customer Training and Special Projects, Radiocentre





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