Robo-Advice: What are the Limitations?


Robo-advice is expanding from the investment space into pensions and financial planning. But what are its limitations?

To what extent will consumers engage with automated advice solutions - will they continue to want some human interaction, particularly for more complex, individualised planning?

What’s the future for robo-pension, robo-protection and holistic robo-advice services - how could they impact the marketplace? And with automated advice talked about as a solution to the advice gap, what are the regulatory challenges?

As robo-advice becomes a financial services reality, our expert panel looks at the latest developments and considers how far it could go.

Speakers include:

Georgina Clarke, Director, IFF Research

Alastair Black, Head of Financial Planning Propositions, UK Propositions, Standard Life

Mark Grimes, Executive Director, EValue

Chair: David Dunn, Director, Making Sense of Retirement

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