Practices & Presence – How are Brands Aligning Themselves to the Consumer?



In a disruptive digital world, building a consumer-centric brand is crucial to reaching your audience. Customer-centric brands are all around us from Amazon to Netflix, used by most users as part of their everyday lives.

Whilst much of the financial services sector talks about customer-centricity a lot of its processes are still complex. As some companies fail to inspire consumer trust or communicate with their audience in the right way – we look at which brands in Financial Services are truly embodying customer-centricity in their brands and building the experience around the customer.

Join The Financial Services Forum as we talk about changing business models, from the newly emergent financial services disruptors to those that have withstood the changes in consumer expectations.


Jessica Myers, Director of Brands and Marketing, Metro Bank Plc.

Karl Stones, Executive Creative Director, Jaywing Consulting.

Christopher Brooks, Managing Director, Lexden CX - Customer Experience Consultants

Chaired by: Lucian Camp, Principal, Lucian Camp Consulting


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