Pension Providers – How can you engage your Audience?



Sustainability influences the financial decisions made by Gen Z – yet is it as important when it comes to financial planning? Can the interest created around sustainability issues encourage pension savers to invest more than their default contribution?

Join our panel of marketing and sustainability experts as we discuss:

  • Communication strategists, are you appealing to your target audience too late, how can you engage the audience at the right stage?
  • Engaging the different demographics into saving more than their automatic pension, can sustainability be the missing link?
  • Aligning your strategy to your audience is this the key to engaging subscribers with their pensions?
  • How can investment in short-term savings be automated as a feeder to assist resistance to long savings durations?



Will Martindale, Group Head of Sustainability, NOW: Pensions

Jasper Martens, Chief Marketing Officer, PensionBee

Chris Eastwood, Co-Founder, Penfold

Sangita Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer, Standard Life

Chaired by Alex Sword, Editor, The Financial Services Forum


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