Partnerships as a Route to Growth


With the fintech sector at the forefront of eradicating borders and creating tools that aid collaboration amongst users, for many fintechs, partnerships have become a short circuit to help drive scale, distribution and reach.

In this session we’ll discuss how different types of partnerships have become a fast track to growth. We’ll be discussing how the right investment partner can secure more than just finance, acting as a badge of trust that opens doors, through to how unusual alliances are helping fintechs to deliver solutions that meet users expanding needs and extend their reach to a wider audience base.

Come hear how some exemplars have got it right and what they wish they’d known in advance. Sharing their criteria for determining who to partner with through to cultural challenges and when to walk away, the panel will explore how partnerships have become core to their growth.


Conrad Holmboe, Chief Investment Officer, Wayhome
Kevin Mountford, CEO, Raisin
Nicholas Sando, Early Stage Investor, Octopus Ventures
Ania Walker, Director of Partnerships, OakNorth Bank
Chair: Fiona Couper, Business Development and Marketing Director, Teamspirit

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