Open Data and Open Banking – Where Next?


Open Banking is the start of something significantly larger and more transformational than many first thought. Already, it is touching other verticals, like mortgages, pensions and utilities.

With the increase in TPP (Third Party Providers) applying to become AISPs (Account Initiation Service Providers), aggregation is likely to intensify in other areas. Is that the right track or are customers more comfortable viewing their accounts via their incumbent bank, where their salaries are paid?

In this session we look at how Open Banking will develop into other verticals – those that recognise the opportunities in being part of the eco-system: Insurance - which now actively suggests you get quotes from other providers if you have been with the same provider for more than 4 years; and pensions, where the introduction of the pensions dashboard (which we are part of) will utilise open banking data.

This session will explore the potential of the open data market for existing and incumbent providers.

Speakers include:

Alan Walsh, Head of Network & Partnerships, Bud

Clare Reilly, Head of Corporate Development, PensionBee

Peter Goodman, Co-founder and CEO, Aventus Platform

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