Modern Marketing with Traditional Values


How do you redefine a brand as iconic as Faberge? Strengthening the brand image to reflect its illustrious history whilst making the brand relevant for today and securing its footing in the future – traditional yet modern. What are the learnings for our private banking audience? The challenge for wealth management companies is, in the same way as with many luxury brands (and Faberge), they need to break away from industry conventions and modernise without compromising tradition. Arming themselves with an identity which can be built across all platforms, cutting through the complex, cluttered world of investments, but remaining firmly aligned with client interests.

We will be sharing how they can unify ambition and style – how/which luxury brands are doing this well and how PBWM could do the same in order to engage with customers.

Speakers include:

  • Dan Vasconcelos, Associate Creative Director, Siegal & Gale
  • Mina Seetharaman, Global Director, Content Strategy, The Economist Group

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