Mobile First or Mobile Only?


As we witness a sharp shift in consumers accessing e-commerce sites via their mobiles, we ask what the implication is for the insurance, banking and and the FS sector as a whole?

Whilst we have seen the trend amongst millennials, is the older demographic now turning to their smart phone to buy online? And if so, is 2018 the year where we must evolve our marketing strategy into mobile first - or even mobile only?

How do you enable your marketing message to grab attention on a mobile where the ad is competing with newsfeed for attention. How do you ensure your content engages?

This presents several challenges to marketers and their strategic thinking. With dual-screening on the increase, a web and a mobile customer might be the same person. So, what impact does this have on marketing performance? What makes a great soundless ad? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How do you even go about measuring success?


Speakers include:

Craig Walmsley, Senior Director of Design Strategy, Publicis.Sapient

Ian Forrester, Global SVP of Insight and Solutions, Unruly

Yanina Vidal, Industry Manager, Google

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