Measuring Brand Equity


All brands strive to have positive perception among consumers, which is shaped heavily by their experience with, and knowledge of, the brand.

As a result, many agencies produce reports aimed at measuring brand equity, which could help FS companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Unfortunately, all agencies use different metrics and place value on different things, asserting their metric is the most important. Brand rankings also use vastly different methods to measure equity but even if they use the same metric, methodologies differ hugely.

With little consistency, do these rankings have any real value to FS marketers? Should businesses have a stronger point of view about which metrics really matter? Can companies use them to improve their brand’s equity and change the way they interact with consumers?

Speakers include:

Richard Haigh, Managing Director, Brand Finance

Martin Bellingham, Head of Insight, AXA UK

Jane Bloomfield, Marketing Director, Kantar

Lucian Camp, Principal, Lucian Camp Consulting (Chair)

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