Marketing Effectiveness Showcase

Award-Winners Image

We invite winners from The Forum's 2014 Awards for Marketing Effectiveness to present their case studies and share some of the insights and strategies that impressed our judges. Smart metrics and a tangible contribution to real business performance is what distinguishes genuine marketing effectiveness, and these case studies provide a great example of how that can be achieved. Presentations include case studies from both B2B and consumer campaigns. This event is also the curtain-raiser for The Forum's 2015 Awards.

Speakers Include:

  • Social Media Aviva: The New Authors of Business Success
    Crispin Heath, Head of Digital, Teamspirit
  • Direct Marketing: Volkswagen Group Leasing: Pick and Mix
    Jason Baker, Head of Strategy and Kim McLellan, Client Services Director, Hunterlodge Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Police Mutual: Reconnecting with our Members
    Paul Hemingway, Head of Life Marketing, Police Mutual Advertising
  • TSB: Local Banking for Britain
    Lori Meakin, Founder, Joint London


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