Reading the Runes – Understanding Government Strategy on Lending and Housing


The recent announcement to develop new 'Garden Villages and Towns’ is a clear indication of the government's new house building strategy. But, there is no clear view on what the government's plans are, if any, to stimulate the lending market. Will it be directly or through regulators? Through mainstream, B2L or more specialist lending channels? Clarification is needed, as government can dictate the reality of the market we work in. Are there lessons we can learn from other heavily-regulated markets in how to react and adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented? In this session, we try to decipher some of the signals coming from Westminster and identify where the big lending opportunities lie.

Speakers Include:

Stephen Smith, Director, Housing Partnerships, Legal & General (Chair)

Steve Smith, Director, Competition & Regulatory Strategy (Lloyds Banking Group)

John Rowland, Executive Director, Cicero Group

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer, AMI




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