London Mortgages Forum: Challenger Banks. Challenger Lenders?

Challenger Banks

What is a challenger? In sporting terms (think boxing) it is usually a rising star who has blazed onto the scene with talent to burn and a reputation yet to be made. They come, they challenge. Some beat the incumbent titan and in turn become the challenged, whilst others slink back into the shadows to tend their wounds and think again.

What are the prospects for the ‘new’ lenders really like? Can they challenge the big boys with their nimble (technology enabled) footwork and fresh (unencumbered) approaches? Can the lending market be truly disrupted as other sectors are, and what will the reigning heavyweights be doing to keep their crowns?

We will be getting representatives from all sides into the ring for a sparring session that will go some way to answering these questions.

This event has been scheduled to fall on the morning of The British Mortgage Awards.

Panellists include:

Colin Snowdon, Managing Director, Pepper Homeloans

Matt Andrews, Managing Director, Bluestone

Maria Harris, Director of Retail Mortgages, Digital Mortgages by Atom Bank

David Finlay, Director of Distribution, New Street Mortgages

John Goodall, CEO and Co-Founder, Landbay Partners


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