London Mortgages Forum: B2L on the Brink?


Are the many challenges to the B2L threatening to unravel the market?  What might be the consequences for lenders, brokers, landlords and tenants?

The treasury and the BoE seem to want to curb B2L activity – stamp duty, tax and lender oversight are being used as tools. There is also Basel and capital issues to consider, not to mention the impact of rate rises.

Will these trigger a selloff in B2L property and a disengagement from non-professional property investors?  Or can they all be taken in the stride of a now mature and stable market?

These issues are discussed from a number of different viewpoints, by industry experts, with real knowledge and strong opinions.


Peter Williams, CEO, Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association

John Eastgate, Group Sales and Marketing Director, OneSavings Bank

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, Head of Policy & Governance (Mortgages & Savings), Nationwide

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