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The Private Rental Sector provides 4.5m homes in the UK. With a record demand and projections set to accelerate, the PRS is facing a supply crisis.

It’s important to widen the debate away from ‘resentful renters and frustrated FTB’ but to a position of understanding the importance of the PRS and the positive role that BTL plays.

The sector is reeling from tax and regulation changes and properties continue to leave the PRS in large numbers. With a housing white paper on the horizon, call for rent controls, sustainability challenges, and the renters' reform bill. The role we play as lenders, distributors, and advisors is changing to educate our customers. There is also a responsibility to influence decisions to help avoid unintended consequences that lead to damaging a much-needed vibrant housing market across all tenures.

Join us as we better understand the importance of PRS and the positive role that BTL plays, as well as how can the lender, distributors, and advisors better educate consumers about the upcoming renters' reform bill.



Richard Rowntree, Managing Director Mortgages, Paragon Bank PLC & Chairman of the UK Finance Mortgage and Services Board

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