Filling the Savings Policy Vacuum

Lansons, 24A St John St, London, EC1M 4AY
09:00 for 09:30 until 11:30


Life & Pensions

With ongoing political uncertainty, the government is unlikely to be focusing on the UK’s long-term savings challenges any time soon. But big issues remain around the financing of an ageing society and encouraging individuals to save. Is it time for the industry to step up and propose a sustainable and stable long-term savings framework for the nation? Rather than enduring death by a thousand cuts to pension tax reliefs, can we come up with a proposal that reduces costs for the public purse but provides a simpler, more compelling deal for savers? Do we need another Turner Commission for long-term savings? Our expert panel debates the issues with forum members.

Speakers Include:

Matt Ward, Communications Director, AKG Financial Analytics (Chair)

Tom McPhail, Head of Pensions Research, Hargreaves Lansdown

Chris Curry, Director, Pensions Policy Institute

Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons

Rob Yuille, Assistant Director, Head of Retirement Policy, ABI

Jamie Jenkins

Jamie Jenkins

Head of Pensions Strategy

Standard Life

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Communications Director

AKG Financial Analytics Ltd

Tom McPhail

Tom McPhail

Head of Policy

Hargreaves Lansdown

Tony Langham

Tony Langham

Chief Executive


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