Pension Freedoms: Are we Building Relationships with Clients?


Data suggests life companies are retaining more people at retirement, but is this just inertia? Do life companies really understand how clients behave in the years before they retire? For example, when do clients start to think about retirement and what action do they take? Do we understand client needs? Do we overwhelm them with too much of the wrong information in complex industry jargon? If we do, what's the right amount of information and how should it be provided? More and more people are buying retirement income products without advice. How can we make sure they're empowered to take sound decisions? We will explore these issues, consider examples of best practice globally and deliver practical suggestions for change.

Speakers Include:

Gregg McClymont, Head of Retirement, Aberdeen Asset Management (Chair)

David Dunn, Director, Make sense of Retirement

Jacqui Bateson, Senior Proposition Manager, Skipton Building Society

John Lawson, Head of Financial Research, Aviva




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