Defined Benefit Transfers: Getting the Message Right


Is the recent enthusiasm for cashing in defined benefit (DB) pensions for defined contribution (DC) investment pots an accident waiting to happen? With transfer values often greater that the values of the family home, are the amounts on offer blinding consumers to the risks of giving up DB guarantees? Do consumers fully understand the choices they are making - and is the industry doing enough to explain the issues to individuals? How can we properly balance the risks and opportunities in communications to clients without being over-technical? Following an FCA consultation on pension transfers, our expert panel looks at how to pursue this opportunity responsibly.


Speakers Include:

Alastair Black, Head of Financial Planning Propositions, Standard Life (Chair)

Teresa Roux, Research Director, BDifferent

Adrian Boulding, Director of Retirement, TISA

John Lawson, Head of Financial Research, Aviva


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